Incorrect operation of polymer battery

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Update time : 2018-11-19 20:15:49
Polymer battery is one of the common new energy batteries, but when making polymer batteries, the following methods of operation are wrong. We believe that no one who contacts polymer batteries can do so.

一、The aluminum plastic film on the surface of polymer core can not be damaged in viciously.

二、If on the production line, the field operators should not be able to iron the surface of the cell

三、It is not allowed to break the lugs of the battery in purpose, especially the positive lugs of a Polymer lithium battery. The mechanical strength of the plugs is not high and this will cause the lugs are very easy to break, also it is forbidden to bend the lugs

四、It is not allowed to break the top seal of the battery. We have warned that the top sealing edge
is very easy damaged and resulting in layering. It is forbidden to bend of the top edge

五、It is not allowed to break off the side edge of the battery. The side edge has been folded and fixed during the cell forming process and passed the sealing test. Repeated opening and bending may lead to the fracture of the aluminum foil. It is forbidden to open or destroy hem.

六、The people can not squeeze the bottom edges and corners of the lithium cell. the bottom corner is also one of the weakest parts and resulting the Leakage of liquid

七、People can not bend the battery , which is likely to cause internal short circuit.

八、The positive and negative Plugs of the battery can not be contacted with metal objects. If the cell is short-circuited, it will cause serious damage to the cell and even lead to safety accidents.

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