DJ403441 3.7V560mAh LiPO battery
DJ403441 3.7V560mAh LiPO battery
  • DJ403441 3.7V560mAh LiPO battery
DJ403441 3.7V560mAh battery
Reference standard:
GB/T 18287-2013、IEC/EN61960、UL1642
Working current: 560mA
Peak current: 1200mA
Items Parameter
Battery model        电池型号 DJ403441
Design scheme       设计方案 S-8261AAGMD-G2GT2x+8205A
Nominal voltage      标称电压 3.7V
Minimum capacity   最小容量 560mAh(0.2C discharge 放电)
Typical capacity    典型容量 560mAh(0.2C discharge 放电)
Charging voltage     充电电压 4.2V
Discharging cut-off voltage 放电截止电压 2.75V
Standard charging   标准充电 0.2C /4.2V
Max charging        最大充电 1.0C /4.2V
Standard discharging   标准放电 0.2C/2.75V
Max discharging        最大放电 1.0C/2.75V
Weight        重量 Appr10.5g
Shipment voltage     出货电压 ≥3.85V
Battery pack impedance 电池内阻 ≤85mΩ
Operating temperature 使用温度 Charging:    0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -20°C ~55°C
Storage (At 50% SOC and specified temp, recoverable capacity in % vs time. ) 存储(50%容量下的存储时间和温度关系) -10~25 (12 months, ≥85% )
-10 ~45 (6 months,  ≥85% )
-10~55 (1 month,   ≥90% )
20±5 is the recommended storage temperature
Visual Inspection  外观 There should not be any remarkable scratches, cracks, bolts, cauterization, deformations, swelling , leakage and so on on the surface of the cell.


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